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Awards/ Grants

2022 Selected for the 25th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art (TARO Award) 2022 24th Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division Jury Selections 2021 The 27th ifva Awards Finalist 2021 Tokyo TDC Award Nomination 2020 YouFab Global Creative Awards Finalists 2020 Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA Interactive Art Category Winner 2019 WIRED CREATIVE HACK AWARD GrandPrix 2019 INNOvation Generation Award nominations 2019 Japan Media Arts Creator Development Support Project Adopted 2017 ADFEST 2017 MOBILE LOTUS BRONZE 2016 Cannes Lions 2016 Innovation Creative data department short list 2016 Spikes Asia 2016 Mobile Division Short List 2016 ACC CM FESTIVAL Interactive Category New Technology Award 2016 33rd Yomiuri Advertising Awards Sponsoring Company Award



Born in 1989. From Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Tokyo Institute of Technology with Major in mathematics, Niikura creates artistic works as “GengoRaw”. Niikura is interested in human creativity, language, and consciousness and hopes to reveal the structure of these through creating works using AI or Machine. Received the work selected by the judges of the art section of the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2021. 2021 25th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award Winner.


2023 Art Award In the Cube(Gifu Museum) 2022 Lost in Translation(Tokyo, Wall&Wall) 2022 On September 27th, 2022, a meeting to see poems generated by artificial intelligence from trend words(Tokyo, PARA Jimbocho) 2022/03 Roppongi Art Night 2021 2022/03 The 27th ifva Awards 2022/02 25th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award Exhibition 2021/12 AI Art & Aesthetics Exhibition 2021/11 Japan Media Arts Festival Sendai / Ishinomaki Exhibition 2021/05 TOKAS-Emerging 2021 2020/05 Roppongi Art Night 2020 Cancelled by Corona 2020/04 TOKAS-Emerging 2020 Cancelled by Corona 2020/03 3331 ART FAIR 2020 Cancelled by Corona 2020/02 Media Ambition Tokyo 2020 2019/09 City BLEND Bench 001(Relabel Shinsen) 2019/03 Encounters(Ginza Sony Park)

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